Impact of Th1 CD4 Follicular Helper T Cell Skewing on Antibody Responses to an HIV-1 Vaccine in Rhesus Macaques.

Published in Journal of Virology, 2020

Recommended citation: Verma A, Schmidt B, Nguyen N, Elizaldi S, Walter K, Beck Z, Trinh H, Dinasarapu AR, ... and Iyer SS. (2020). "Impact of Th1 CD4 TFH skewing on antibody responses to an HIV-1 vaccine in Rhesus Macaques." Journal of Virology, 94 (6) e01737-19.

Generating durable humoral immunity through vaccination depends upon effective interactions of follicular helper T (Tfh) cells with germinal center (GC) B cells. Th1 polarization of Tfh cells is an important process shaping the success of Tfh-GC B cell interactions by influencing costimulatory and cytokine-dependent Tfh help to B cells. However, the question remains as to whether adjuvant-dependent modulation of Tfh cells enhances HIV-1 vaccine-induced antienvelope (anti-Env) antibody responses.