I am currently a Bioinformatics Scientist with Mike Zwick (Department of Human Genetics) at Emory University.

My research is focused on genomics and computing, with emphasis on rare disease genotyping and gene expression studies using NGS (Whole Genome, Exome and RNASeq) data. Particularly, I explore the contribution of population-specific low-frequency and rare variants to human traits.

Previously, at Emory Vaccine Center, I worked in Human Immunology Project Consortium projects with emphasis in understanding the effects of adjuvanted seasonal flu vaccination in healthy as well as in HIV-infected individuals. At University of Florida, I applied systems biology approaches to study the effects of recreational marijuana and/or tobacco use in HIV-infected young adults. At University of California San Diego, I worked for LIPID MAPS and UCSD Signaling Gateway consortium projects.

Woodruff Memorial Research Building 7th Floor – Room 7107
101 Woodruff Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322